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About Us

Who are we?

We are an exhibition carpet supplier and installer for events and roadshows at shopping malls, indoor and outdoor spaces. We are in the business since 2005. With 16 years of experience in the carpet installation industry, we pride ourselves as the market leader in providing reliable and timely services to our customers.

What is our specialty?

Our strength is carpet installation for exhibition and shopping mall roadshow. We are familiar with exhibition halls and shopping malls' atrium dimensions and carpet requirements.

How we ensure customer satisfaction?

Our customers are rest assured that we deliver and install the carpet on time. This enables them to have the peace of mind to focus their efforts on launching their exhibition and roadshow successfully. We are committed to deliver this special client experience in a timely and reliable way.

What additional value do we bring to our customers?

We collaborate and communicate with major organisers in Singapore. Hence, we are able to carry out the installation on time. With the right selection of staff and material, we fulfil every exhibition and roadshow carpet requirements.  Once the carpet is completed, our customers can proceed with the rest of the built up so that they are able to meet the tight schedules and deadlines.  In a way, we helped them to save time and money.


What is special about our staff?

Great service begins and ends with experienced carpet installers which is why we put so much consideration into selecting the best people to join our team. Our senior carpet installers have acquired superb workmanship as they have 35 years of relevant work experience.

What is special about our carpet?

With our global network, we source for the best and most cost effective materials for our customers.  We import carpets and tapes from Europe and other countries on an ongoing basis to meet the needs of our clients. This greatly reduced our costs as we eliminated the middle man. Hence, passing on savings to our most valued customers. We take pride in our expertise in selection of superior quality carpets and tapes for the fulfilment of exhibition and roadshow needs of our clients.


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